Veterans Ice Cream Party


We pulled a great "Coup" at the Veterans Home this Friday with our Ice Cream party for the Veterans!

The Shrine Nomads and Bethesda Lodge threw a terrific Ice Cream and Cookie party for the Veterans at the New Mexico Veterans Home.  Oh! What a beautiful party! The feelings were tremendous.  They came on their walkers, in their wheel chairs, with their canes, and all with the utmost dignity.  

They loved the homemade ice cream, and homemade cookies blew their minds.  The diets and special foods flew out the windows, precautions were thrown to the winds. They came for a Party; and by Golly Gum Drops we threw them a one good.

There were fifty of us between the Lodge, the Nomads and the Ladies, and we worked at being gracious hosts and ambassadors of good will. We served these heroes.   We listened to these Heroes.  We talked to these Heroes.  We entertained these Heroes.  Too, we entertained the Staff at the Home, who are the life blood that sustain these Heroes.  The Party was for all.

Some couldn’t leave their rooms to come to the party, but our treats were delivered, regardless we made them part of the Party too.   We were thanked and thanked and thanked again.  We heard some many appreciate remarks:

“Oh! I haven’t had homemade ice cream since I was a kid”. 

“I remember as a kid sitting on the Freezer”.

“What no Chocolate Ice Cream (there will be next year)”? 

“Oh! these brownies are so special, because you made them and just for us”  

“ Can I have a second helping”? 

“I love your yellow dress, you are so pretty”

We came as Proud Masons, Shriners, and Ladies.  We left as humbled men and women.  There were tears in our eyes, lumps in our throats, and songs in our hearts.  We saw them not as men and women in a Veterans Home, but as proud men standing tall in their uniforms, as America’s finest, who gave that you and I might enjoy the privileges as Citizens of this Great Nation.

We shall return!  Next April come and join us in our party for these Heroes!   

I’ll share these pictures that were taken, by Gale Door, and Fred Aiken.