Veterans Home Ice Cream Party

Brothers Chcuk Eastburn; Richard Wheeler; Gilbert Tafoya; Jim Coslin; Bill Loomis and WM Terry Miller 

Brethren on Friday the 18th of April the Brethren of Bethesda Lodge assembled and served home made ice Cream and cookies to the 125 Veterans and the Staff at the New Mexico Veterans Home.    We thank the Veterans in Bethesda fashion.  Too, wediscovered that theri favorite flavor is Chocolate! 


Bikes for Books December 2012


“Bikes for Books”  

Pictured are the 4th and 5th grade Students, Sierra Elementary gathered for the Bicycle Awards. 

The Mason’s from Bethesda Lodge presented Bicycles to Sierra and T or C Elementary Municipal Schools at assemblies Monday morning the 10th.  The Elementary Schools are empowering their students by encouraging them to read extra books.  The Masons are partnering with the School System in support of this enrichment reading.  Eight bicycles were given by the Masons to those students who have completed the extracurricular reading program.   The winners were selected by drawing names from the group who had qualified.  One girl and one boy were chosen from each grade level this semester, and that winner was presented with a bike for this accomplishment.  There were 74 students who qualified to be entered into the drawing for the Bikes out of the 325 Elementary School Students.

2nd & 3rd Grades T or C Elementary

 Row 1:  2nd Grade, Andrew Garcia and Veronica Monsibaiz, 3rd Grade Madison Green and Luke Yrene

Row 2: Centered is Ron Mannon, Master of the Masonic Lodge, and Hank Hopkins Principal of T or C Elementary School. 

Masons: Barry Ragsdale, Jim Coslin, Richard Wheeler, John Dunlap, Ron Mannon, Terry Miller, Dennis Anderson, and Mark Theall

3rd & 4th Grade Sierra Elementary

Row 1: 4th Grade, Corrina Ontiveros; Dominic Montoya; 5th Grade, Angelina Apodaca and Leo Garcia.

Row 2: Centered is Ron Mannon, Master of the Masonic Lodge with the Sierra Elementary Teacher Ms. Meredith Michaliszyn

Masons:  Richard Wheeler, Jim Coslin, John Dunlap, Barry Ragsdale, Ron Mannon, Terry Miller, Dennis Anderson, and Mark Theall


Summer Months


Square and CompassesBrethren of Bethesda Lodge # 64 and Visiting Masons we are meeting every 2nd and 4th Thursdays.  Our Lodge does not go “Dark” in the summer.


So come on down and enjoy the good company of the Craft and the Stewart's promise you a summer evening treat. 




Directions to Bethesda Lodge

Approaching from the South:

   Take exit 75 toward I-25/Williamsburg/Truth or Consequences   0.4 mi

   Merge onto Broadway                                                                        2.6 mi

   Turn left onto Clancy St.                                                                    0.1 mi

   Turn left onto Main St.                                                                         

   The Lodge will be on the right                                                           0.1 mi



Approaching from the North:

   Take exit 79 toward Truth or Conseqeuences    0.3 mi

   Merge onto Cemetery Rd                                     0.1 mi

   Continue onto Date St.                                          2.1 mi

   Continue onto Main St.                                 

   The Lodge will be on the Right                            0.5 mi





Ron Brinkman - Mason

Obituary from Grand Lodge

Ronald Alfred Brinkman, 89, passed on December 5, 2011 of natural causes. Ron
was born in Stamford, Connecticut on July 9, 1922. He was preceded in death by his
parents and his wife Hazel. He enlisted in the US Army on February 25, 1941 and was
qualified as a seaman mine planter, a military policeman, a tank mechanic, and a
construction rigger. He served with the Santa Fe Detachment Manhattan Project while
in the Army and continued to work at Los Alamos National Laboratories after being
discharged from the Army. Ron was an avid Freemason, 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason,
and Shriner. He served the Masonic Grand Lodge of New Mexico as Grand Lecturer and
Grand Secretary from which he retired. He was awarded the title of Honorary Grand
Master in 1986. Ron attended the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Albuquerque with his
companion of 20 years, Ms. Iris Ciesielski. He was an extremely private person,
something he may have learned while working and living in Los Alamos. Cremation has
taken place. Memorial services will be held January 7, 2012 at 10:00 AM at Temple Lodge
#6, 3801 Osuna Road NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico (One mile west of I-25). Donations may
be made to the Masonic Charity Foundation, P.O. Box 25004, Albuquerque, New Mexico
87125-0004, in Ron´s memory.

Personal Note: I had the highest respect for Brother Ron Brinkman, from the first joint installation I saw him do for the former 12th district in 1994. He faithfully did our installations for somewhere around 40 years, and they were always a highlight of my Masonic year. We saw each other occasionally, mostly for funerals, unfortunately, but even then his very presence was uplifting. His drive and love for Masonry was unmatched.

I remember a young lady, visibly upset, being interviewed by a reporter during Ronald Reagan's funeral procession. When asked why she had such strong feelings for a past United States President who had served years before she had been born, she simply said, "There are no more like him." A loss with implications bigger than the man himself.

 As it says in our funeral service, "...something has gone out of our own lives that will never be again. Thus, as human ties are broken, the world becomes less and less, and our hopes of being reunited with friends who are gone grows more and more. Here is immediate compensation, which, while it cannot assuage our grief, may teach resignation to the inevitable doom of all things mortal..." Hope springs eternal, but the loss is still felt.

His column is broken, and his brethren mourn.    

Godspeed, Brother Ron, until we shall meet you and greet you on that evershining shore, there to be parted nevermore, forever and forever.

Dennis Anderson