Bikes Awarded

Bethesda Lodge # 64, the T or C Masonic Lodge, presented Bicycles to the students enrolled in the Bikes for Books program at the T or C and Sierra Elementary Schools.

 The winners were selected by random drawing from students who completed their AYP (adequate yearly progress) reading program.  AYP is a computer tracking system that records how many books each child has read. This is certainly a relief to the Teachers in helping them track not only the number of books but the reading skills of their students.  We saw many more entries this semester especially among the 2nd and 3rd graders.  They must have witnessed the bicycles being presented last December, and this may have created a desire for more reading.   

The T or C Masons congratulate all of the Students who have progress in this essential Life Skill, and we are proud to be part of this program. 

What a thrill it was to attend the assemblies of the Grade School and participate in the drawing of the for the Winners of a Masonic Bicycle.  We presented eight Bicycles to the Qualifying Student whose names were randomly drawn. 

The Principal of Sierra Grade School drawing qualified student names to win a Bicycle

The 4th grade winners were Taylor Hearn and Charlie Carpenter.  The 5th grade winners were Evelyn Miller and Isaias Porras 5th.

 Grades 2nd 3rd & 4th

 The 2nd grade winners were Leila Villarreal and Devin Gonzalez. 
The 3rd grade winners were Madaline Molby and Christopher Tschappat



The Lodge Members present at the Presentaton were Chris Anderson, Ron Mannon,
Mark Theall, Jim Coslin, Bill Loomis, and Terry Miller, and not pictured Norm & Dottie Ribble

Kids quietly waiting for the Fun to Begin! 


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Bethesda Lodge. 

March the 12th you'll be 63.  What a nice mature age 63 is.   Young enough to be active and alive, yet old enough to be able to distinguish between knowledge and wisdom.  You have matured very well Bethesda Lodge.


Installation of 2013 Officers

Installation of the 2013 Officers


The Installation of Bethesda Lodge # 64 Elected and Appointed Officers will be held on Thursday, December 13th at 7:30 pm. 

We welcome all Brethren of the Lodge and Sojourning Masons to join us on this occasion. 

R. W. Brother Jeff Jordan

R.W. Brother Jeff Jordan, the Grand Junior Warden will be the Installing Officer

W. Brother John Dunlap, PM
Master Elect



Bikes For Books

Bethesda Lodge initiates Bikes for Books Program

Last spring, Worshipful Master Jim Coslin tasked a committee consisting of Chairman Ron Mannon, Travis Lee, and himself to look into getting the Bikes for Books program started in T or C. After several meetings with local school officials, the program was kicked off in grades two and three for fall semester 2011. We plan to award a boy and girl from each grade by random drawing, entrants will be selected by their meeting individual reading progress. 

To qualify for the Drawing for Bikes the Students must have complete the reading 6 books in the semester.

Bethesda Lodge will award eight bikes per semester to these outstand reading students. The Masonic Charity Foundation of New Mexico will provide matching funds to those that Bestesda Lodge raises to purchase these awards. We are hopeful the students will be encouraged by the program, the Lodge will get some positive visibility, and area Masons can be proud to promote such an important part of youth development.

D. Anderson, Secretary