EB Chili Cookoff

Elephant Butte Chili Cookoff

We were up early and prepared to cook our hearts out!

You'll note our Chairman Mark Theall in the lower left of this 6:15am picture.  He was guarding our site all night long!

It's now 6:45 and Mark is with the program.   He related to me over coffee other than running off several Javelinas his night was peaceful. 

Ron Mannon, Carl Andree, Ms Andree and Mark are about the work of the Craft.  "GREEN CHILI"

Bill Edwards the 'Red Chili Chef', Ms Andree. Bill Loomis is in Management.

Carl Andree the 'Green Chili Chef' explaining the pure art of Chili to Ron Mannon

We served over 6 gallons of wonderful Green Chili and scrumptious Red Chili, and 4 gallons of Ice Cream.   We knew that we were the hit of the Show, and at the Award Ceremonies we anxiously awaited  for Bethesda Lodge to be the "Winner" 

We didn't sweat missing the 3rd and 2nd place Red Chili awards, nor the 3rd and 2nd place Green Chili awards, as First Place was yet to come.   We were prepared to jump and holler just like we did in High School, but.......................... Bye Golly Gum Drops .......if we didn't miss the number one prize too.  

And like High School we vowed "Just YOU Wait Till Next Year"! 

We want to acknowledge the Chili Committee under the leadership of Mark Theall, 
Green Chili Chef - Carl Andree,  Red Chili Chef - Bill Edward, Gofers, Ron Mannon, Bill Loomis and Norm Ribble.  Too, what an excellent turn out of the Brethren of the Lodge and their families, Brothers Jack Gray, Terry Miller, Jim Coslin, WM Jim Ragsdale, and Ms Andree who came to help cook and serve. 


Written by Norman C RibblePosted in: News