Nooks for Books

“Nooks for Books”   


Pictured is Ms. Stephanie Brownfield, Principal of T or C Elementary addressing students at the Nook for Books Award. 

The Mason’s from Bethesda Lodge presented Nook Tablets to T or C Elementary Municipal Schools Thursday morning April 30th.  The Elementary School is empowering their students by encouraging them to read extra books.  The Masons are partnering with the School System in support of this enrichment reading.  Eight ‘Nooks’ were given by the Masons to those students who have completed the extracurricular reading program.   The winners were selected by drawing names from the group who had qualified.  One girl and one boy were chosen from each grade level this semester, and these winners were presented with a ‘Nook’ in recognition of their accomplishments.  There were 135 students who qualified to be entered into the drawing for the Nooks from the 320 Elementary School Students.


Second and Third Grade Recipients

Savanah Bailey; Ms. Renee Arner; Shiloh Cano; Ms. Linda Knutson; Tomas Tisdale, and not pictured Hely Garcia

Fourth and Fifth Grades Recipients

1st Row:   Montana Purdy;  Stacey Neal;  Erick Swing;  Laurence Arbuckle
2nd Row:  Bill Loomis; Dennis Anderson; Mark Theall, Terry Miller, Ms. Renee Arner; Barry Ragsdale and Ms. Linda Knutson

Ms. Stephanie Brownfield, Principal of T or C Elementary drawing a Winner for a Nook

MB Terry Miller, Bro Mark Theall, WB Barry Ragsdale, WB Bill Loomis, and RWB Dennis Anderson spinning the

'Wheel of Nooks"

W Brother Ron Mannon is the Chairman and Coordinator of the the 'Nook for Books' Project, and unfortunately could not be attendance at the Award Assembly

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