Directions to Bethesda Lodge

Approaching from the South:

   Take exit 75 toward I-25/Williamsburg/Truth or Consequences   0.4 mi

   Merge onto Broadway                                                                        2.6 mi

   Turn left onto Clancy St.                                                                    0.1 mi

   Turn left onto Main St.                                                                         

   The Lodge will be on the right                                                           0.1 mi



Approaching from the North:

   Take exit 79 toward Truth or Conseqeuences    0.3 mi

   Merge onto Cemetery Rd                                     0.1 mi

   Continue onto Date St.                                          2.1 mi

   Continue onto Main St.                                 

   The Lodge will be on the Right                            0.5 mi




Written by Christopher Leon AndersonPosted in: News